DeltaLink, the link between shipowners and companies on shore

Maintenance consultancy

Planning and managing of dockings

Managing, lashing, securing, transport and storage

Managing overhaul and repair


As a technical agent DeltaLink is the “link” between ships/shipowners and businesses on shore.
As most shipowners are settled far from The Netherlands/Zeeland it is often difficult to determine which company is the most suitable for certain activities.
DeltaLink, settled in Zeeland, is familiar with most of the companies in the delta from Rotterdam to Flushing and Antwerp and also knows which company can provide the best service at a good price.
Besides ensuring the best available customer service we can also draw up technicals reports of damage to ship or machinery. If the ship has to go to a shipyard we can assist with the preparation and contract out jobs to the right companies.
To lead the work in the right direction we can take over work and ensure that the relevant activities are carried out properly and within the prescribed time.
DeltaLink can take out of your hands all damage- and service work completely so you can concentrate on the rest of the fleet.
With Delta Link you have come to the right place..

About DeltaLink

About DeltaLink
As a technical agent DeltaLink is the “link” between vessels and companies on shore. As most shipping companies are based far from the Netherlands/Zeeland it is often hard to decide which local company is best suited for a particular job.

Here DeltaLink offers the solution.

Why DeltaLink

Why DeltaLink
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